James was raised in California’s "Silicon Valley" by software engineers working in IBM's research lab on projects like the first national ATM network and the original airline ticketing system. James wears his "raised by geeks" badge with pride, and has the sometimes painfully awkward social skills that go with it.

James spent almost 14 years at AOL in both the Virginia and NYC headquarters; the final 3.5 years as VP and GM of AOL's homepage, a $250M business across 7 countries. After leaving AOL, James retreated to his Park Slope neighborhood to become the chief mixologist for an artisanal mayonnaise producer serving Brooklyn's exploding hipster barber community with the premier locally sourced, fully organic beard and handlebar mustache conditioners on the market.

When not writing Email marketing copy, James can be found running 200-mile relay races up mountains in the dark of night with vans full of sleep-deprived lunatics, rocking out to 80's British "hair metal" bands, making sacred pilgrimages to his personal Mecca in Boston (Fenway Park), and performing endurance tests on his immune system through the "constant assault" method of spending every waking moment either in commercial air travel or having his twin children cough and sneeze directly into his mouth. A true slave to fashion and Brooklyn cliché, he has an entire closet dedicated to a collection of vintage 1980s athletic shoes.