Not only does Christina have over 20 years of digital advertising experience, she brings forth an unparalleled drive & sense of adventure. Christina is a proud University of Michigan graduate, where she earned a degree in Kinesiology. Her path, though, led her to the early 'wild west' days of the Internet.

Her first digital job was with Ameritech, where she obliterated sales projections, growing Internet sales 300%. She did this with a combination of training & management of over 140 account executives. After her first digital splash, Christina joined America Online, & was responsible for product integration of all AOL & TW brands for sales & marketing initiatives including AOL, Time Inc, Time Warner Cable, Road Runner, ICQ, CompuServe & Netscape. She made 150% of her sales goals.

Christina's path then led to where she worked on National business development, & cutting edge digital strategies. If you connected with your long lost high school sweetheart through, you likely have Christina to thank. After reuniting long lost high school classmates, she became the National Sales Director for ShopLocal. She developed their local sales strategy, in major verticals (auto, electronics, etc.) In her first 6 months, she grew advertising sales revenue by 400%.

Christina's path then led to media. She decided to tackle the world of media advertising. She worked with top broadcasters, providing them a suite of digital solutions. She joined Barrington Broadcasting, as the VP of Interactive Sales, working with 24 TV stations across the country. She worked on strategy & implementation to over 280 account executives. She focused on local digital sales, grew revenue, & established a number of new revenue streams.

In 2014, Christina joined Supplemental Oxygen as a co-founder, & lends her digital expertise. Her hope is to provide media companies & SMBs a slew of digital solutions to help grow their business. In addition to her impressive experience, Christina, who resides in Chicago, is admired & revered by local citizens. In her spare time, she plans her next adventure, cheers up sad Cubs fans, & helps the local citizens. In her spare time, she plans her next adventure, cheers up sad Cubs fans, & helps the elderly cross the road.

Christina, an adventurer at heart, travels the globe. She has sailed off the Mediterranean Coast, backpacked through Australia, & hiked to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. While at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, she saw vivid visions of digital advertising's future. These visions did not result from the lack of oxygen to her brain, but because digital advertising is her lifeline & flows through her chi.